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Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered

^Recorded & Mixed

^ Mixed and Mastered

^co-prodcued, recorded & mixed (excluding track 9), guitar, backing vocals, keyboards

^vocal recording and production

^produced, drums, percussion, bass, backup vocals, recorded, mixed & mastered

"Tucker recorded, mixed, and mastered an EP and a single for me. The experience was nothing but rewarding. Tucker will focus all of his effort and concentration towards your artistic vision. His technical ability is extremely proficient, and he also supplies his own suggestions which are always tasteful and never forced. I highly recommend and hope to work more with Tucker in the future!"

-Pat Zimmerman

^all composition, performance & production, recorded, mixed & mastered 

^co-produced, keyboards, recorded, mixed & mastered 

^recorded, mixed and mastered

^recorded and mixed tracks 2, 3, 4, mastered

^composition, production, vocals, guitars, keyboards